Individual Counseling

Sometimes, life gets tough. Struggles can arise from work, relationships, past experiences, and behaviors and can manifest as anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, or many other ways. One-on-one sessions with our skilled staff offer the opportunity to help you grow from your experiences. We want you to function at your highest emotional, social, and intellectual levels, and individual counseling can be a great way to get there. With a one-on-one session, you have the ability to discuss the root of your problems, and approaches to solving them, in a safe and confidential setting. We want to give you the tools needed to tackle them.. With the safety of a therapeutic environment and a trained therapist behind you, you will see the world in a new light, and be prepared to step forward into it.

Couples Counseling

Relationships are tough and tricky, and the key to sustaining them is work within a framework calculated to identify and address key issues. We are here to help both married and unmarried couples deal with a myriad of issues, including communication skills, intimacy issues, lack of connection, or infidelity. In a safe and comfortable place, you will be able to work on your problems and learn new skills for the future. We want to help both you and your partner sustain a healthy and happy relationship.

Family Counseling

It is unusual for only one person in a family system to “have all the problems.” Even if that is the case, the other family members are often at a loss to know how to deal with the situation. In our experience each member of a family affected by loss, stress, discord, addictions or the many other interpersonal family issues that affect a rewarding family life often needs help to resolve the differences. Family life is an extremely important factor of psychological health. We work collaboratively with your family to give you the necessary tools to foster communication, healthy family dynamics, and conflict resolution. We believe that a healthy family environment provides the basis for all members to thrive in their daily lives. 

Child and Adolescent Counseling

We are proud of our record and experience in dealing with the complicated issues affecting children and adolescents.  Psychological intervention at these ages is essential to becoming a healthy adult. We are here to get to know your child and help them get through the ups and downs of growing up. We build a relationship with your child so they feel supported and empowered. With our help and guidance children and adolescents learn to resolve conflicts in a healthy manner, grow interpersonal relationship skills, utilize their inner strengths, build problem solving skills, and better understand their feelings and problems. 

Pre-Marital Counseling

A decision to get married is perhaps the most important choice you will make as an adult, and will have thelongest lasting effects on your health and happiness. Premarital counseling is an opportunity to explore your relationship, identify your strengths, and work on your weaknesses as a couple to build a firm foundation for marriage. We help you, as a couple, learn more about each other and your expectations in your relationship so that you can start your marriage in the best possible way. Identifying strengths and weaknesses before making a long-term commitment can help set you up for a satisfying future together. We want to help build up your relationship and give you the tools needed to sustain it. 


If you are seeking supervision hours for your LCSW or your LPC, we would love to help. Our team members are happy to help you achieve your goals. If you would prefer to join a supervision group, we also provide that option. Please contact us for more information.


Sometimes life gets hectic. We believe that meeting with clients in person at our office is the ideal therapeutic environment, however, we understand that life responsibilities can make it difficult to get to our office. We use tele-therapy to reach clients via online video conferencing (Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.). We see clients all over the country (and abroad!) with this service, and find that our clients find it very convenient in this busy world. Tele-therapy is not for those in crisis, and an initial assessment will be done to determine if this service is appropriate for your therapeutic needs. 


Symmetry partners with Fowler Nutrition, and Katherine Fowler is our in-house nutrition therapist. Katherine’s passion is promoting positive relationships with food, eating, and exercise that lead to a balanced and healthy life. She believes that there is no single nutrition intervention that is right for everyone and considers each client’s unique health needs and lifestyle when developing realistic strategies to accomplish desired health goals. Katherine understands that thoughts and emotions have a great impact on behaviors, and that exploring both is necessary for lasting changes to occur. For more information about Fowler Nutrition, you can visit 

Consulting and Speaking

Need an interesting speaker? We are available to consult and speak at events. In the past, we have been honored to speak at area K-12 schools, public forums, colleges, and other venues.Symmetry staff consults with area medical offices, schools, nonprofit agencies, and various support groups. For further information, please contact us