Courtney Grimes, LCSW


Courtney’s passion for helping others is evident upon meeting her.Through the power of acceptance and commitment, Courtney is able to facilitate lasting change among individuals, families and systems by promoting hope throughout all circumstance. Courtney specializes in eating disorder treatment, body image and self-esteem issues, depression and anxiety as well as couples/family work.

She maintains regular radio spots as a Sports Psychotherapist commentator for the Tennessee Titans and other athletes around the country, has been featured in numerous local magazines and publications including Nashville Lifestyles, N’Focus and the Nashville Scene, and starred in an HGTV television series called “Interiors, Inc.” Courtney has chaired large fundraisers over the past 12 years in efforts to raise awareness for various causes in and around Nashville including domestic violence, breast cancer, eating disorder awareness and addiction. Courtney is a trained interventionist (BRI-II), maintaining a passion for being on the “front lines” of change, and currently serves as the Clinical Director for the Eating Disorders Coalition of Tennessee, a non-profit for the state of Tennessee, providing help, hope and support for all those suffering from disordered eating.

Courtney has a strong music background as well. She is a classically trained pianist and opera singer, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Opera Performance, and has been a part of the Nashville music industry since 1998.

Committed to shifting social undercurrent, Courtney’s work as a Psychotherapist aims to model compassion and understanding towards self and others in order to heal, protect, educate and advocate for a life well lived. Courtney strongly believes in, and reminds others that sustainable change is possible - from the inside out.


Specialties: Eating disorder treatment, body image and self-esteem issues, and depression and anxiety.