Christopher M Johnston, LCSW

Chris works with a wide variety of adults who have problems in many areas. His colorful career experiences have helped him to form a consistent philosophical approach across a wide spectrum of human problems. Of particular interest to him are work/organization-relationship problems, multi-cultural differences, sleep health, medical vs psychological health, and male-perspective issues.

When you meet with Chris, you will have a safe and comfortable space to identify areas to work on at your own pace. Soon afterwards, a structured treatment philosophy will be mutually established as a foundation to to work collaboratively and openly together. Over time, a clinical approach to identify more unique and sometimes hidden problem-areas can be focused-on and solutions implemented.

Chris has worked with adults of all ages, couples, and families including college-aged, young adulthood, middle-aged, and retired age. He has worked in medical clinics, law offices, group homes, and homeless shelters as well as institutions for psychotic disorders. He has helped people in a wide variety of professions including the healthcare and entertainment industries and is particularly interested in how integrated health (cross-section of medicine and mental health) can improve lifelong success.

Chris was a National Meals on Wheels Volunteer of the Year and is a committee member of a kidney transplant clinic and his church’s community outreach committee. He is also a contributing writer to and his articles can be found here.

Specialties: Spectrum disorders, depression and anxiety in late adolescents and adults, social conditioning.