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Symmetry Counseling provides compassionate and evidence-based counseling services for children and families, adolescents, and adults. Our goal as a group practice is to enable individuals and families to function at their highest emotional, social, and intellectual levels by rediscovering their core values and returning to their authentic self.


Our multidisciplinary team includes: 

social workers  |  nutritionist

neurofeedback practitioner  |  eating disorder specialist

trauma specialists  |  children, couples, & families specialistS



Katie Veit, LCSW, founded Symmetry Counseling, LLC in June of 2012 after realizing her unique skill set and vision could benefit the world around her. After working in the community in several different roles, Katie noticed a need for a group of professionals who facilitate the welfare of communities, individuals, groups, and families. Katie founded Symmetry to help fill this void. All of Symmetry's therapists are licensed social workers, which means that they bring a unique perspective to counseling.

Symmetry's therapists are humans treating humans. We strive to engage people and communities to address life challenges and enhance well-being. 


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